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Ya Ali | Kaho Na Kaho - Kapil & Shaleen A.

Kapil | Music - Shaleen Anand

Ya Ali | Kaho Na Kaho| Gangster | Zubeen | Amir Jamal |

Marder (2004) | Shaleen Anand | Kapil | Spread Love Remix

| Cover

#SpeadLoveRemix​ brings to you the brand new Mashup of two Iconic songs i.e. Ya Ali & Kaho Na Kaho, Swagly Performed by the very talented Singer - Kapil, and Recreated by on of the hottest Music Director - Shaleen Anand.


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Remix Credit :


Singer / Performer - Kapil

Music Production - Shaleen Anand

Mixing & Mastering - Shaleen Anand

Genre - Electro Arabic, Pop

Music Video

Direction - Anuraj Shrivastava

Video Shooting & Editing - Spread Love Studios

VFX, Colouring & Grading - Spread Love Studios


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