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Maaeri (Unplugged) | Shaleen Anand

Shaleen Anand

Watch Shaleen Anand mesmerizing the crowd by performing Maaeri at Spread Love Arena

Maeri - Unplugged | Hindi Love Song

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Cover Credits:

Singer - Shaleen Anand

Music Rearranged by - Shaleen Anand

Venue & Set Partner - Spread Love Arena

Video Direction - Anuraj Shrivastava

Video Production - Spread Love Studios

Original Song Credits:

Song - Maeri

Singer - Palash Sen

7 comentarios

Legend, real artist always slaying like a KING hatts off man the music ,lyrics,vibe insane ...always up nd up 🤞🤞💯💯😇

Me gusta


Me gusta

04 jul 2021

super sir

Me gusta

loved it

Me gusta

03 jul 2021

Sir you are great

Me gusta
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