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Learn Pro Singing

from Shaleen Anand

Learn from award-winning Composer, Producer, and Vocal Couch

Rated as no. 1 online singing course in India

Super Interactive Video Lessons

24x7 Online Support

Exclusive PDF notes 

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Online Certification examination available 

Watch it over your iPad, Phone, or Laptop

Complementary Vocal Gym access  (30 days)

Career Oriented

Sahil Das

Finally found a course that taught me what is actually required to become a Singer. Sir you are the real Guru #Respect

Ruhan Saini

I have done my Graduation in Music but Honestly the concepts, exercises and training I got and learned from you Sir has actually made the difference in me. People don't even know what you teach us in so simple way. 

Aliya Bakshi

Love you Sir. the Vocal Gym had made it so easy to practice daily. Thank you from the bottom of heart for giving us this precious course. #Respect #ShaleenAnand


Sir superb. I have no words to thank you for this. Also I want to say thanks to the one who created internet otherwise I may never get a chance to learn directly from Shaleen Anand Sir.

from complete 



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Learn Directly from a

Music Composer & Director

in just   15999,  1999 only LIMITED TIME OFFER

Course Syllabus

Glimpse of 

Basics of Music Theory

Finding the Shruti or key 

Pitch Training 

Hindustani Vocals

Sargams and alankars

Dealing with Vocal Dynamics

Understanding Scales

Breathing and Breath Control

Activating Chest Voice

Low Note training

Activating the Head Voice

How to crack the High Notes



How to bring Emotions

Understanding Theme Emotion

Literal Emotion

Subjective Emotion

Articulations  and voice clarity

Dialects and Pronunciation Training 

Live Stage Singing

In Studio Singing Techniques

Getting Ready for Playback Singing

and a lot more...

in just   15999,  1999 only LIMITED TIME OFFER