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Kapil Porwal

Kapil Porwal is a renowned singer, performer, and musical sensation from India who has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. His distinctive talent lies in reimagining classic Kishore Kumar songs and infusing them with his unique style, earning him widespread acclaim and adoration. Beyond his soulful renditions of old classics, Kapil has made a profound impact in the music industry with his debut original creation, "Dil Jaaniyan," which tells a compelling tale of love transcending religious boundaries.

The breakthrough moment in Kapil's career came with the release of his original composition, "Dil Jaaniyan." This heartfelt song explores the theme of Hindu-Muslim love, capturing the essence of an unconventional romance with striking lyrics and emotive melodies. The music video for "Dil Jaaniyan" not only showcases Kapil's vocal prowess but also highlights his acting talent, making it a visual and auditory delight for fans.

Kapil Porwal's fanbase extends far and wide, transcending borders and generations. His soothing yet powerful voice, combined with his magnetic stage presence, has garnered him a dedicated following that eagerly anticipates his every performance and release. Kapil's music has the remarkable ability to strike a chord with people from all walks of life, making him a beloved figure in the world of music.

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Kapil Porwal
Kapil Porwal
An Electrifying Performer

Kapil Porwal is not just a studio artist; he's a dynamic performer who electrifies the stage with his presence. His live performances are nothing short of spectacular, leaving audiences in awe of his vocal range and captivating stage persona. When Kapil takes the stage, it's not merely a concert; it's an unforgettable experience that sends fans into a frenzy. His ability to connect with the crowd and evoke a range of emotions through his music is unparalleled.

Kapil Porwal is not just a singer; he is a musical storyteller who weaves emotions into every note and lyric. His reinterpretation of classic songs and original compositions showcases his versatility and creativity, making him a standout artist in the contemporary music scene. With a promising future ahead and a legion of fans who adore his work, Kapil Porwal's journey as a singer and performer continues to be an inspiring and captivating one.

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Watch Kapil Porwal and Shaleen Anand's Latest Single by  Spread Love Studios - Dil Jaaniyan, Now!

Kapil Porwal


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Kapil Porwal
Early Life

Born on March 26, 1986, in Etawah, Kapil Porwal is a multifaceted artist with a passion for singing, acting, and dancing.  A devoted fan of Kishore Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda, he brings their charisma to his performances.

Kapil holds an MBA from Ghaziabad, but his true calling is the stage.  His singing not only mesmerizes but also compels audiences to dance, a skill honed during his days as Mr. Fresher, serenading seniors during ragging. Experience his captivating talent at your next event! 

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